100 full-time work from home jobs – With average salaries

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Most people who talk about remote jobs are usually referring to low-paying, sporadic, “gig economy” jobs. For example, you can get paid for testing websites online. These are great but are not enough to make a full income. What about actual careers that are based from your home? These work from home jobs exist, and are increasingly becoming popular across the world. In fact, a recent research study found that somewhere around 37% of jobs in the US can be done entirely from home. And workers are taking advantage of this en masse. In 2019 31% of workers reported working for entirely remote companies.

Work from home careers are now very popular. Most positions, from accountant to programmer to nurse can now be done completely or mostly from home. The average median income for remote jobs across all sectors is $77,135. Many remote positions like Android Developer ($112,647) and Remote/Online Pharmacist ($100,504) have salaries that pay more than $100,000 a year.

Remote Job TitleMedian Salary (US, in USD)
Account Manager$51,057
Actuarial Analyst$102,734
Administrative Assistant$37,849
Affiliate Marketing Manager$67,386
Android Developer$112,647
Architectural Designer$60,618
Audit manager$99,599
Auditing Clerk$50,130
Business Development Manager$67,764
Business Intelligence Analyst$85,274
C++ Developer$116,536
Call Center Representative$34,014
Charity Fundraiser$41,171
Client Services Director$71,440
Communications Officer$39,024
Communications Specialist$57,392
Computer Support Specialist$44,918
Content Marketer$54,762
Contributing Writer$64,273
Corporate Recruiter$60,206
Customer Service Representative$35,413
Customer Service Representative$35,025
Data Entry$41,568
Data Scientist$129,806
Data Scientist$119,413
Development Engineer$108,947
Digital Marketer$54,672
Director of business development$94,392
Director of Human Resources$117,894
Director of Marketing$93,834
Director of Public Relations$90,994
Director of quality improvement$103,583
Email Marketer$54,951
Environmental engineer$78,563
Event Planner$49,992
Freelance Designer$115,827
Freelance Editor$69,599
Fundraising Manager$49,039
Grant Writer$50,854
Graphic Designer$48,283
Human Resources Analyst$63,552
Insurance Agent$51,254
Insurance representative$43,493
iOS Developer$114,614
Java Developer$105,801
Major gifts officer$73,790
Marketing Analyst$62,075
Marriage and family therapist$75,684
Medical Coder$44,772
Medical Director$135,012
Medical Transcriptionist$33,966
Oracle Database Administrator$111,329
Oracle Developer$108,995
Paralegal/legal assistant$43,012
Policy Analyst$74,335
Product Designer$84,316
Product Manager$94,704
Recruiting Specialist$41,109
Regional Sales Representative$64,181
Registered Nurse$70,335
Remote /Mail Order Pharmacist$100,504
Remote Nurse$59,766
Research biologist$60,285
Ruby on Rails Developer$114,900
Sales Representative$47,187
Senior Business Analyst$104,319
Senior Human Resources Manager$105,229
Senior Java Developer$123,249
Senior medical writer$132,459
Senior software engineer$119,651
Sharepoint Developer$106,506
Social Media Manager$50,088
Software Architect$132,506
Software Engineer$107,273
Software Engineer$99,729
Speech Language Pathologist$92,093
SQL Developer$93,438
Tech Lead$121,227
Technical Recruiter$65,113
Technical Writer$69,365
Travel Agent$36,479
UI Developer$107,681
UX architect$117,290
Virtual Assistant$39,972
Web Developer$75,073
Website Designer$58,106
Website Manager$50,831

How to find a work from home job

There are a few websites that will be your best friend if you are searching for remote-based jobs. First, go on over to Indeed.com. The reason why we like Indeed is that they have a very good way to search only remote jobs. Simply enter “remote” in the “Where” box of the Indeed search. This will pull up all of the jobs that were posts on Indeed that can be performed from anywhere.

Next, we recommend checking out Remoteco.com. This site is great because it includes only remote-based job postings. Some of them will be part-time, and others full-time so be sure to check out the details on each posting.

Lastly, some companies won’t advertise their job openings on a site like Zip Recruiter, Indeed, or RemoteCo. Instead, go to their specific recruitment page to see if there are any full-time openings. We have put together a list of more than 50 companies that either regularly hire for work from home positions or are entirely remote-based.

100 work from home jobs - With average salaries

What are the best work from home jobs?

More and more we are seeing real, full-time positions that are remote-based. As mentioned above, 37% of positions in the US can be done entirely from home. But what jobs are most available in the remote space? And which ones pay the best? Generally, most career positions will pay the same whether they are office-based or remote.

We have ranked our top 10 work from home careers in terms of availability and salary prospects:

Data Scientist – median salary: $129,806

Data Scientists will generally be people with a strong statistics and web analytics background. They will develop ways to measure large sets of data and interpret the results, often with the goal of growing customer bases for companies online. Because of the online nature of this job, it is strongly suited for doing from the comfort of home. Median US salary: $129,806

iOS Developer

This is an in-demand positions that is not showing any signs of slowing in the software development industry. iOS developers often have the option to work remotely and enjoy some of the most lucrative salaries among developers. Median US salary: $114,614

Android Developer

Just like iOS developers, Android software developers are in hot demand. This job can definitely be done from home and often we see job postings mentioning felxible working arrangements for this position. You’ll need to have strong coding fundamentals and knowledge of Java. Median US salary: $112,647

Remote / Mail-in Pharmacist

Who knew that remote-based Pharmacists are a thing? Well, they are, and they are in great demand by pharmaceutical websites that allow people to order (legal) drugs online. Of course, this is a position that will need all of the schooling that a normal pharmacist would have. Median US salary: $100,504

Major Gifts Officer

If you are interested in getting into the non-profit/charitable sector, major gift positions are a great career. You will need some understanding of the fundraising space and the ability to strategize major gift programs for non-profits in this position. Many NGOs will have this position as at least partly remote due to the nature of the job. Median US salary: $73,790

Policy Analyst

Even government positions are starting to move to remote models. For those of you that are interested in developing documenting policy, policy analyst positions are increasingly moving remote. This job will generally need a University degree in a related field, or better yet, a Master’s degree. Median US salary: $74,335

Affiliate Marketing Manager

This is a relatively new job but one that is growing incredibly in the marketing industry. Affiliate Marketing Manager’s will develop and lead on the affiliate marketing strategy for companies. In other words, building and maintaining relationships with bloggers, Youtubers and other marketers to promote your company’s products. There is incredible growth happening in this space right now. Median US salary: $67,386

Remote Nurse

This is a bit of an interesting one. Remote telehealth systems are popping up around the world and many of these need to be staffed by qualified nurses. If you have a nursing degree and some experience, this could be an excellent remote career. Median US salary: $59,766


This is probably one of the most abundant jobs offered to remote employees. You will find more part-time or contract positions in this space, but more and more companies are looking fro talented copywriters to work from home. Median US salary: $59,084

Content/Email Marketer

Marketing departments around the world are looking for talented content marketers to increase their visibility online. Those with strong writing and understanding of content marketing, SEO, and outbound email campaigning can find excellent careers that can be done remotely. Median US salary: $54,762

Home Werk

Create some Google Alerts for job titles and the work “remote” so you can stay up to date on new job postings in your industry. Work from home jobs are starting to come fast and furious so be ready with your resume to apply!

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